Take Charge

No surprise to most of you, I love hearing the exciting news when a woman is pregnant. The best though is when I learn of a woman, friend or not, that had been trying for sometime to conceive and finally is pregnant! We all know people that have struggled with infertility.  Toni Weschler wrote a book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility, to help women understand their bodies and achieve or prevent pregnancy.  Of all the women I know that have successfully used this book, it took as long as 6 months to get pregnant, and as short as 1 month! 

Taking Charge of Your Fertility has information it in that I want to yell off my roof top! I want every woman of childbearing age to have as much control of her fertility as she can - whether you want to prevent a pregnancy or get pregnant. It's time for women to take charge of their fertility! Understand when you are the most fertile, understand when is the best time to get pregnant, and NO it is not just 14 days after you have your period. That is just an average. Most women ovulate between 11 and 21 days after their period starts. You can know exactly the day you ovulate just by tracking a couple very simple parts of your every day life. 
Basically, you can predict your ovulation every month by tracking your temperature right when you wake up in the morning (basal temperature) along with your cervical fluid (most people call this discharge). You can know if your hormones are stable enough to maintain a pregnancy. You can know if you have an anovulatory (no ovulation) month. You can know you're pregnant before a pregnancy test does.

Education is power! Time to take charge. Knowing your own body, is underrated. 

If you have questions please ask. Otherwise check out Taking Charge of Your Fertility. You can buy it on Amazon and a bunch of other places. Its awesome. 

Of course this is not a one size fits all method. IVF is a wonderful advancement in medicine, BUT I am a huge believer in this method of tracking your cycle to achieve pregnancy. It works. And I think its a bummer when IVF is used as a first means of intervention.