Baby Rylee

A handful of you know that 5 years ago I thought I'd be giving birth to a baby girl named Riley, to our happy surprise, Parker was born instead. A week ago Rylee (spelled differently this time) was finally born.

A fast an furious series of events led to the wonderful birth of my third baby on June 2nd. Contractions started at 4:18pm every 2 minutes and they were stronger than I'd ever felt. Each one brought my baby closer, and each one shook my entire body. I knew that they were so strong because things were going quick. Luckily my midwife, Tiffany, showed up quickly after my labor started, I was able to get in the tub and labor for a bit in there. Floating face down on my belly was the most comfortable position during the contractions for some reason. Shortly after getting into the birth tub the urge to push overtook. It felt like the pain of the contractions lifted when I pushed and as my baby quickly shifted down my body. I told Tiffany the baby moved down. With my hand I felt my cervix fully dilate with one push and my bag of water popped with the touch of my finger. During the next push my baby's head was born. I remember feeling the soft wet hair in my palm, I rubbed the sweet head several times before pushing again.

The rest of the baby didn't come so quickly, after asking for help Tiffany eased the baby out and found the umbilical cord wrapped holding the baby down a bit. After unwrapping the cord, baby squeaked and cried, along with many of us in the room. I felt my baby's body and quickly learned I had a little girl in my arms. I announced it and everyone cheered with excitement. 

My husband brought in our kiddos, who were napping in the next room. They were slow to wake up but were very excited to finally meet the baby that grew in mommy's belly. It was such a special experience to have my mom and sister in-law, husband, and my two midwives there with me for the birth. Baby Rylee weighed 7#14, my biggest baby yet. And she is perfect.