Three In Five

Every midwife in this area has a different number of clients, some are busier than others, some have babies themselves, some grown children, and we are all balancing our lives and our midwifery practices. I love my practice, everyone in it, my clients, my partner midwife, my students, all of us together create the most wonderful midwifery practice I could have hoped for!

I have a medium sized practice I’d say. This allows me to have time to get to know each of my clients and their families, listen to them, plan with them and be there for them when they go into labor.

This week we were a part of three births in five days. One Wednesday morning , one later that night and then one Monday morning. They were all so different and all so so wonderful. Wednesday morning a sweet momma labored for a few hours before birthing her second son in a warm birth tub in her new home. Her husband supported her and they celebrated when they discovered they had another son. His birth was such a peaceful transition into the water and up into his mother’s arms. Such a beautiful morning.

Next, that same day a momma labored for her second time toward her first vaginal birth, her goal was to have a VBAC at the birth center. Fear, apprehension, hope, uncertainty, excitement - all emotions I’m sure most women seeking a VBAC feel as they approach what they hope to be their redemptive birth. When evening rolled around this momma knew it was time to head to the birth center. When she arrived her body was already starting to push her baby down. She quickly got into the birth tub and within minutes achieved her long hoped for goal and delivered her baby into her hands. She impressed all of us. Such a strong, driven momma who trusted the power of her body to deliver that baby boy without any help at all. Amazing.

Birth three. This one was a tough one! This momma went 13 days over her due date and labored quite a bit longer than her first home birth. After 12 hours of labor she pushed her second daughter out into the world in the a birth tub in her room. Her husband and mom cheered for her strength and perseverance through this difficult labor. She said this labor brought her to her brink - but the power of this woman, her strength and drive carried her to a victorious result. Her sweet little redheaded baby was more than worth all the work. Such a beautiful birth.

Am I lucky or what?! I am so blessed to be a midwife, I love it! I love all my clients and I am so grateful to witness these impressive women and their births. After three births in five days I’m tired but my happiness outweighs that for sure.