Welcome Dandy

Five days after her due date, Baby Dandeliana was born on Sept 9th at home into her dad's hands. Here is her story, (with permission):

At first, Dandy's mother was planning to have an unassisted birth. She came to me with questions and concerns, mostly from members of her family, about the safety of birth at home. She had her three babies in the hospital, one via cesarean section, and desired to have a different experience with her fourth. She ultimately decided it was the best decision for her, and her entire family for her to receive prenatal care and to have me attend her birth. 

The birth was definitely hard work for momma, as all births are, but so rewarding and personal. The couple was able to have at the birth the mother, sisters and grandmother from her husband's family, while her mother and other family members watched and encouraged her via FaceTime. It was a very supportive group of women that helped make the mother comfortable and at ease. 

She dilated quickly to seven cm and was pushing shortly after that. The father of the baby wanted to catch her as she was born. I guided him and ensured mom and baby were doing well and dad did a wonderful job. He was the first to touch and hold his little girl and immediately passed her to mom after the birth. The other three children appeared minutes later and greeted their new sister. It was a very sweet moment when their elderly grandmother remarked about how special she felt to be able to attend the birth of her great grandbaby. 

After all was done, at one of her postpartum visits, Dandy's mom expressed her happiness with how everything turned out. I was honored to be a part of this woman's experience bringing her fourth baby into the world into the safety of her home.