Mary, mother to Edith

"Justine is a very caring, dedicated, and knowledgeable midwife. I moved in my last trimester and in my new location my insurance would only cover care by an OB. My OB wanted to induce me and took very little time getting to know me and providing me care. Luckily, Justine made herself available to me via phone to answer my questions and to provide me the support I truly needed. My OB told me that I would need to be induced my 39th week, but I felt that it was not right and that is would be more detrimental to my baby than helpful. That was the only option he gave me. Justine supported me in my decision for a natural childbirth and shared with me more natural ways that I could bring on my labor.

During my labor she helped me to understand what was going on with my body. When my water broke and it was evident that there was meconium she helped me to remain calm and was so caring and supportive. I feel that without Justine I would not have had the support or confidence I needed to fight for a natural childbirth. I was blessed to bring my baby girl into this world naturally and healthily. Justine is someone I was able to trust to guide me through one of the most important events of my life."