Caitlin, mother to Fiona and Bonnie

Justine has been my Midwife for both of my children’s pregnancies and births. While both of my births were completely different experiences, I can honestly say she was absolutely the right care provider in both cases. She has this way about her that is so reassuring. She keeps a calm and confident character that helps give you a sense of peace when everything else in your body says you should experience anything but calm or peace at the moment. I always, always feel like she listens to my concerns and desires and helps support me.

Justine walking into my home is like having my sister walk through the door. She has been with me in my most trying moments and still thinks the world of me and has supported me in two difficult post partums. 

Together with Alia, I would never consider anyone else in my perinatal care. Seriously look no further, these women are truly the best. They believe in you, practice evidence based care, and let you take the lead in what you want your birth to be. They are worth at least twice what they charge. I am their biggest fan and they are my biggest cheerleaders when I need them most.