Sara, mother of Harbor

"I knew I wanted to have a home birth from the get go as long as we were having a healthy low risk pregnancy. I also knew for my husband to be comfortable with that choice it would take finding a midwife that was not only experienced, but also had an integrative approach to her practice. 
Justine is just that, an incredibly knowledgable, skilled, aware,  supportive, sincere, and passionate midwife. From our very first prenatal meeting with Justine before we had even chosen her as our midwife up until the last postpartum visit I can truly say I have never felt so listened to, thoroughly cared for, and individually important to a medical provider of any kind as with her. 
We were able to have the holistic approach I very much wanted with the appropriate balance of traditional pre/postnatal testing and procedures as were recommended and needed. No pregnancy and postpartum recovery is one size fits all, and with her we were able to create the most optimal well rounded care that worked for our growing family.
Our home birth was peaceful, gentle, intimate, and surrounded by a team of people who advocated for us through the whole process. It was an incredible day we will remember forever.  Her passion and care for mamas and babies shines through in all aspects of her practice. We are so grateful to have had her as our midwife."