Buffy, mother of Dandy

My dream since my first child was to have a home birth. Now that I was having my fourth kid I had every intention to go at this birth alone just my husband and family. however there was some concerns with family members. I heard rumors of Justine, I decided to look into her, for my family's comfort. But, life got busy and I never really looked into her until the last 3 months of my pregnancy, I ran into her by chance through a friend. I spoke with her and told her I was determined to do this by myself. However I would consider her for my family's peace of mind. After speaking with her, my husband thought that having her would be a good idea and I really liked that I could be very upfront and honest with her and she was very considerate of all my wants and feelings. In the end we did decide to use her services and I will never regret that decision.

She was marvelous! As badly as I wanted to just do this baby without any assistance I am so glad I had Justine!!! in the moment of pain and turmoil that little voice that's sitting beside you, guiding you the whole way, is a comfort that you just cannot replace. thank you Justine! The birth went wonderful, despite all the excruciating pain! and my husband finally got to fulfill his dream of delivering his baby instead of just cutting the stupid cord. When I decide to have another kid, I definitely will be using her again!