Caitlin, mother of Fiona

What more can I say? Justine delivered our first baby and I hope she will deliver all my children, I would not even consider hiring any one else. The entire experience working with Justine was far better than what we had even hoped for. If you are considering  a home birth or birth center birthing experience, look no further you have found your midwife. I can not speak more highly about our prenatal care, birthing experience, post natal care and the support she offered as we struggled with breastfeeding and other challenges in our first 6 weeks postpartum(and really beyond she still answers my calls).

From the very first meeting with Justine I felt so comfortable with her. Our birth story began with 2 years trying to conceive and the women in my family have had high risk births, still I was hopeful I would have a low risk pregnancy and be able to deliver my first child at home, naturally as I so desired. Justine heard my every concern and provided incredible prenatal care. I always felt informed and safe throughout the entire process. In fact at times people will comment how brave we must be to have had a birth at home assisted only by a midwife (perhaps that is the case), however I had no cause for concern and our birth was beautiful, fast and really textbook. Any test that was needed Justine was able to order, I felt her care was more thorough than any OB/GYN I had considered or seen previously, she was ALWAYS available to me by phone when I needed her- this was a great comfort towards the end of our pregnancy. She provided a perfect balance of conventional prenatal care and our wishes to be hippy and holistic. I think I had in my mind that all midwives would smell like patchouli and have long unkempt hair- maybe some midwives are like that, but this midwife is so well trained, skilled and has a bedside manner to top any MD I’ve worked with (and as a healthcare provider myself, I have worked with many).  

Justine provided all of our care in the comfort of our own home, and I think our 6 week post partum visit will sum up our entire experience. My husband and I and baby Fi were snuggled in bed, me topless, struggling with breastfeeding a baby that had just started to have nipple confusion. It was just the newest difficulty we were having with breastfeeding- Justine and Alia (the student midwife at the time) let themselves into our home (which they had been to at least 20 times by now). As Justine walked in she started stroking my feet and asking me how I was. Her care, her touch, her concern for me was so natural and comforting. By the end of the visit, both Justine and Alia were sitting on my bed coaching me through strategies to work through the nipple confusion. They held and snuggled my precious baby, discussed our plan for birth control and answered all my questions. What other practitioner will sit in your bed with you and help you and be patient through really difficult and tender times?

The only part I did not like about hiring Justine, was knowing that our visits were over. She left and I joked to my husband, we need to get pregnant quick so we can hang out with Justine again. I love her! I loved her care! I will sing her praises to anyone who will listen.